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Health benefits of papaya leaf

Benefits of Papaya Leaf2

by Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman

Papaya leaf tea may have potent antioxidant capabilities. Today we are connected with Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman who is presenting here regarding Health benefits of papaya leaf.

The papaya plant – also called pawpaw in Australia and known scientifically as Carica papaya – is most widely known for its delicious orange fruit. Native to Southern Mexico and the Carribean, papaya now grows throughout most tropical and subtropical countries in the world. Papaya leaf tea may have a number of health benefits including potent antioxidant properties when taken regularly.

1. Papaya Leaf uses for treating Cancer

Papaya leaf tea has been used in tropical regions to treat a number of ailments and recent scientific data suggests that papaya leaf may be useful in fighting cancer. According to research published in the ”Journal of Ethnopharmacology” in February of 2010, papaya leaf tea showed promise in treating a variety of human cancers in vitro including cervical, breast, lung and pancreatic cancers. Scientists posit that the anticancer effects of papaya leaf tea may be due to the stimulation of immune cells that kill cancer cells. University of Florida researcher Dr. Nam Dang, one of the team members responsible for the study, elaborated on the university’s website that papaya leaf tea demonstrated no toxicity on human cells, potentially making it is a safe, natural treatment for many forms of cancer.

2. Remedy for the treatment of Gastric Ulcer

Papaya leaf tea may also be a benefit for gastric ulcers, according to research published in “The West Indian Medical Journal” in September 2008. Researchers found that papaya leaf tea prevented gastric ulcers in rats subjected to alcohol compared to the control group. Further, the rats pre-treated with papaya leaf showed less oxidative stress in their blood, suggesting that papaya leaf tea had a strong systemic antioxidant effect. Researchers attributed the reduction in ulcer formation and oxidative stress – at least in part – to an increase in glutathione peroxidase activity – an important antioxidant function that prevents free radical-damage in the body.

3. Antioxidant Effects of papaya leaf

Other research suggests that papaya leaf may reduce hydrogen peroxide – a marker for oxidative damage. Research published in the ”Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine” in June 2012 showed that while papaya leaf tea did not demonstrate as many antioxidant properties as ascorbic acid, scientists still concluded that it may have potential pharmacological and nutritional benefits in preventing or reducing free radical-damage. More research is needed to determine papaya leaf tea’s antioxidant properties in human subjects.

4. Treatment for Dengue fever

is a deadly disease caused by dengue virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. This disease can be fatal at times and is characterized by symptoms such as high fever with headache, severe muscle pain, joint pain, red rashes on the body that can cause itching and a drastic drop in platelets count. So far no specific medicine has been formulated for this disease. Painkillers like Aspirin and Ibuprofen have their own side effects. Papaya leaf juice is a traditional method of curing dengue fever without posing any side effects. Scientific research and several case studies have indicated that papaya leaf juice contains the enzymes chymopapin and papain that boost platelets, also known as thrombocytes and also relieve symptoms. Pharmaceutical companies are already using papaya leaf extract preparations in the form of capsules and liquid formulas. The doctors recommend taking 20 to 25 ml of this juice twice a day for a week for quick results.


5. Anti Malarial effect

Papaya leaf has been found to possess anti- malarial properties as well. Thus, papaya leaf juice is often used in some parts of the world as a prophylactic for preventing malaria in certain endemic regions.

Papaya leaf juice contains over 50 active ingredients including the karpain compounds that inhibit microorganisms such as fungi, worms, parasites, bacteria as well as many forms of cancer cells. It is often used in herbal medicines to remove intestinal worms as it contains tannins that protect the intestine from re-infection from tanning proteins in the lining of the intestinal wall. This way the worms cannot attach themselves. Thus, they are effective in suppressing the cause of typhoid fever.


6. Anti Viral Effect

Another amazing benefit of papaya leaf juice is its ability to fight viral infection such as the common cold virus. It is a natural way of regenerating white blood cells and platelets. Papaya leaves contain over 50 ingredients including the vitamins A, C and E that support the immune system.


7. Reducing power of Fat

Fresh papaya leaves boiled with sliced pieces of orange aid in burning fat as papaya leaf juice is a perfect reducing agent.


8. Treatment for dysmenorrhoea

Papaya leaf juice is effective in relieving menstrual pain. For this purpose, take 1 papaya leaf, add tamarind and salt, mix with a glass of water and boil. Drink this concoction after cooling it for relief.


9. Contol of diabetes and complications

Enhances insulin sensitivity: Poor insulin sensitivity is the cause for type-2 diabetes, which causes inefficient glucose uptake by the cells. Several animal studies and some human studies have shown that papaya leaf extracts were able to demonstrate glucose lowering effect.

A study on Mauritian population showed that papaya leaf extract supplementation decreased the enzyme levels of ALT and AST (bio-markers of type 2 diabetes) among diabetic patients and improved insulin sensitivity.

Decreases diabetes complications: The mix of antioxidants in papaya leaf extracts are helpful in decreasing the secondary complications of diabetes such as fatty liver, kidney damage and oxidative stress. A growing number of well-researched studies have demonstrated the same.

Accelerates wound healing: The process of wound healing is delayed or hindered in a diabetic patient and can cause other complications. Many studies have confirmed that consuming papaya leaves enhanced the process of wound healing – due to its anti-bacterial and remarkable antioxidant action .

10. Control of heartburn

Heartburn – Papaya Leaves are great for getting rid of invading bacteria that cause upset stomach problems because they contain karpain which kills bacteria. And it contains lots of papain, protease enzyme, and amylase enzyme which help to breaks down proteins, carbs, and sooth the GI tract… and helps with acid reflux.

Papaya Leaves reduce inflammation of the stomach lining and heal gastric ulcers by killing H. pylori bacteria. And Papaya Leaf tea soothes away colon inflammation from IBS and other inflammatory bowel diseases


Quick Tips

Always work with your doctor or other qualified health-care professional before self-treating with herbs. This is particularly true if you have cancer or another serious health issue. Papaya leaf tea may be a suitable safe and natural adjunct treatment for cancer and other diseases in which the immune system needs support and in the prevention of free-radical damage.

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