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Food Safety Management System- ISO 22000: 2005

We need awareness about Food Safety that is most important thing for our life. Today we are connecting with Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea, our one team of who is presenting here regarding this issue. Please read this article in details and you can write any comments on this article.

Food safety issues have become one of the most widely discussed topics in this era. Food Safety Management Systems are intended to provide institutions with the elements of an effective food safety system in order achieve the best practice in food safety and to maintain economic goals. The ISO 22000: 2005; FSMS – requirements for any institution in the food chain. Organizations in the food chain are subject to increasing food safety risks and acknowledged as the value for regulating food safety hazards.


ISO 22000: 2005 supply requirements for a food safety management system to enable an organization to establish, maintain, monitor, implement, operate, review, and improve a recognized FSMS within the context of the organizations overall business risks. Organization within the food chain, regardless of size, from feed producers, primary producers through food manufacturers, transport and storage operators and subcontractors to retail and outlets.


HACCP Principles

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP is a food safety system designed to identify and control hazards. HACCP approach focuses on preventing potential problems that are critical to food safety known as ‘critical control points’ (CCP) through monitoring and controlling each step of the process. It uses seven principles standardized by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.


Principle 1. Conduct a hazard analysis to identify hazards. Hazards could be biological, chemical or physical.

Principle 2. Identify the critical control points (CCPs).

Principle 3. Establish critical limits for each CCP.

Principle 4. Establish CCP monitoring procedures

Principle 5. Establish corrective actions

Principle 6. Establish verification procedures

Principle 7. Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures

Typical hazards associated with the full range of food products from primary production to consumption. Food risks may be caused by:

Alternation: Food deteriorates and becomes inedible. The main factors inducing such alternation are: time, temperature, oxygen, water.

Contamination: Food contamination, whatever its origin, can take place in any production stage. According to its nature, the potential risks of food contamination are threefold:


  1. Biological
  2. Chemical
  3. Physical

Continual improvement based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles. PDCA is an ongoing process.

Plan – Establish security policy, objectives, targets, processes and procedures relevant to managing risks and improving food  safety to delivery results in accordance with an organizations overall policies and objectives.

Do – Implement and operate the food safety policy, controls, process and procedures.

Check – Assess and where applicable, measure process performance against food safety policy, objectives and practical experience and report results to achieve continual improvement of the FSMS.

Act – Take corrective and preventive actions based on the results of the management review, to achieve continual improvement of the FSMS.


The Benefits of FSMS

Food Safety Management Systems is a tool that enables organizations to accomplish and systemically control the level of food safety performance that it has set.

The system should be providing benefits such as:

  • Alleviate threat from the food safety image of competitors
  • reduced process training and new staff
  • reduced litigation
  • reduce legal fees
  • increase in public or commercial images
  • improvement in staff recruitment
  • increased confidence with customers and other interested parties
  • increase consumer and customer confidence
  • Increase focus and ownership of food safety


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