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BackupBuddy plugin keeps your WordPress content safe


BackupBuddy plugin keeps your WordPress content safe

We are using different kind of themes and plugins for developing our WordPress website. When install and setup any WordPress website, that’s very simple. But considering our client requirement, we decide to use additional themes and plugins. BackupBuddy is one of the best plugin which keeps your WordPress content safe.


If you need to backup any content of your website then you just think to use export and import tools. This is limited purpose only. In wide scale BackupBuddy can fulfill maximum client’s requirement due to back up the whole system of your WordPerss website with theme and plugin. This is reliable backup mechanism for any WordPress site.


Normally, backing up our site, we are using several ways. I) download a copy of our entire WordPress directory via FTP client program. II) Manually backup our website’s content or database. This is not suitable for client. III) Another tool having import and export facility. Sometime client are facing great problem of their website content, database, even theme and plugin. In this step, BackupBuddy is a great plugin which backs up our entire WordPress Install, Setup, including themes and plugins, customizations, blog post, pages, images, content and more other thing. This is saving our time and more helpful for any developer task job.


Installing BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a plugin which need to purchase from iThemes. Many developers can collect from their community. Installing BackupBuddy plugin, you must follow these three steps:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate



Firstly you need to download this BackupBuddy plugin to your destination folder where you can find easily.



Now you install this plugin locating your download .zip file.

backupbuddy install-1



After installing BackupBuddy plugin, now need to activate your plugin. After activating this plugin, you just see BackupBuddy option at your Dashboard bottom side.

backupbuddy activate-1

Backup, restore and migrate your WordPress website

What is the solution of BackupBuddy plugin system? In these process, BackupBuddy is an all-in-one solution for i) backups, ii) restore and iii) migrate your WordPress website. This is faster than other backup program; the whole system of BackupBuddy process is easy, fast and reliable.



Now go to your WordPress website dashboard and then click Backup under BackupBuddy plugin. Here two option- i) for Database only and ii) for Complete Backup. Obviously, you click Complete Backup option.

backupbuddy create backup-1

Next image will show you finish process of backup system.

backupbuddy create backup-2


Restore/ Migrate

This procedure is very sensitive and carefully. Another video tutorial I will show you a complete backup system of your WordPress website. Just see the image for your backup concept.

backupbuddy restore-1


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