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smart card driving licence in bangladesh

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smart card driving licence in bangladesh

Thanks to Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea who is connected with http://www.e-learngingbd.com team. We already have published his first article about Tips and Tricks: Manual and Automatic Gear Box to our e-Learning site. His second article is very important who want to apply for smart card driving licence in bangladesh.


The procedure of Smart Driving License Card of BRTA

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, well known as BRTA, is the authority to issue driving licenses in Bangladesh. The Smart Card of driving License revolution is slowly but surely taking making a mark on the Bangladesh transportation application segment. The Smart Cards are now found as driving licenses, vehicle registration documents and stored value cards. BRTA issuing smart card based driving licenses, along with Vehicle Registration Cards.


BRTA using Tiger IT’s solution that records-

  1. i) A driver’s signature;
  2. ii) Fingerprints;

iii) Photograph;

  1. iv) Among other details and stores them in a highly secure and rugged smart card.


The information will both be printed on the card and stored inside an encrypted chip that can be verified and updated by BRTA officials. Tiger IT is delivering the complete solution that includes biometric enrollment/registration, centralized database, application processing and issuance automation module, AFIS for de-duplication, card printing and inventory management, and driver verification service.


BRTA, stationed in 32 districts among the 62 administrative circles, at the authority of Ministry of Communication and under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1983, regulates particular process and authorizes any person intending to drive motor vehicles. It provides the facilities to hold thorough driving tests to determine if an applicant is able to abide by certain rules and get the license to drive motor vehicle or not.


How to apply for Smart Driving Licence Card

To drive a motor vehicle in a public place every one must have driving license. To obtain a driving license one should hold a learner driving license before appearing the driving test. Application for the learner’s license to be submitted to the licensing authority in the prescribed form along with related papers and fees. An applicant not being a foreign national must be able to read and write either Bengali or English. Successful candidate of the driving test have to submit application in the prescribed form to the licensing authority along with the related papers & fees.


Who can apply for Smart Driving License Card

The minimum age to apply for a non-professional license is 18 and a person has to be 20 to apply of a professional license.


Categories of the Driving License

Vehicles are set into seven categories like H (heavy), M (medium), L (light), C (motorcycles), T (three-wheelers), P (PSV-Public service vehicle) and X (others).


Learner Card:

Application form for learner’s license. Obtaining a learner’s license is the first stage to get an official license. The procedure of achieving a driving license includes with specific tests (Parking).

Candidate has to apply for a learner’s license. A learner’s license is allows a learner driver to get in touch with an instructor and drive a motor vehicle solely for learning purpose. The learner’s license declares a date for the candidate to sit in the driving test to be held by BRTA.


Practical Test for Smart Driving License

The candidate has to report to the BRTA station where he will be through a thorough driving test. The test includes with viva and practical tests. The instructor may ask questions on basic issues of a generic vehicle or traffic regulations. The practical test includes driving through marked areas without any deviation, in more than one gear. Some tests also include with driving on a slope and driving in reverse gear.


Scores in viva and practical test are announced and the instructor decides whether the candidate deservers a license or not. A result if officially published in other date.


If the candidate passes in the test, is given an official authorization to drive a vehicle until he receives the driving license card in another announced date some months after the declaration of results. If the candidate fails, the learner’s license still does not expire and he or she is given a new date to sit for another series of tests. Then Candidate got the Smart Card of driving License. Informed that this smart card validity date 10 years.


Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has taken a initiative to make all the drivers licenses high-tech, so that the step of identification in the police network easier, it will have the drivers’ identification data in a chip. It will have records of the driver’s photograph, fingerprints, signature etc.


  1. already I got learner license, but my test date is 16/6/16, but I need it argent, what can I do for this. after pass the test do I need police verification for professional driven license if I give passport copy.

  2. I Lost My Driving . My Ref no BLLP1524012
    Ref Datr18 Nov 2015
    Issuing Authority barisal
    Date of Birth -06/07/1983
    Plz How to got my dl

  3. Amer smart card saver a 9.10.16 date amer phona sms assca…….but sms ti delete hoya jawata driving card pata kono prb hoba kena??????? Solution thakla of course bolben

  4. I lost my driving license( Light) one month ago. But problem is i don’t have any photocopy nd i can’t remember my license number as well. Here my question, is there any possible way to find my license number and other information by using my signature and finger tips? My contact number is 01675822597

  5. Amar driving licence hoicey kina bolbem pls????
    Ref num dicey kintu kono clip dey nai.
    Ref num : NICXXF13221
    Date of birth : 22/09/2016
    Name: Md Shafiqul Islam

  6. Dear Sir, i have already Brta light car driving licence! so may i can apply for Smart card driving licence by exchanging existing one!

    • Sir, amar license ta ki urgent dea jabe, cause ami bidesh jabo tai sir amar license ta khub jorure,amar visar mead khub kom ache sir. Akhon amar ki koronio ache aktu bolben please

  7. Robiul Islam
    Ref.No: CM2E1769851NP
    Ref.Date: 21 may 2017
    Delivery date : 23 july 2017
    amaka kono message dai nai…. ami ki smart card pabo na…


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