What is the meaning of e-Learning?


What is the meaning of e-Learning

What is the meaning of e-Learning? It’s really very simple. e-Learning means Online Training or Online Learning.

We can elaborate the e-Learning definition- if we learn, train or give education by electronic device or internet and it is called e-Learning. Our http://www.e-learningbd.com is that platform from where you can learn and train many things free of cost. We are trying to make platform store house of knowledge.

What is e-learningbd.com

We are living in a technology world where makes life easier and save our time in beneficial way. A user can use Computer, Laptop, Tab and Smartphone easily. Through this technology a user can learn and tech to other person. Feeling an e-learning center or platform, electronics technology based learning means learn and tech on web based media http://www.e-learningbd.com has been started ‘Journey for Learning’. We hope much people will participate to this web media. This web will be enriched gradually by their opinion.