Earn Money from Youtube- How to setup your Channel-2

Hello Freelancer! You already have learn the primary step from the previous post Earn Money from Youtube- How to subscribe with any Youtube Channel-1. Now we are presenting here the topic Earn Money from Youtube- How to Setup your Channel-2. This is the opportunity that’s great idea to setup your Youtube Channel easily. Let’s go for more opportunity.


What your feelings! If you have a Channel which give you a chance for setup a Channel by Youtube. You can spread your publicity or educational or entertainment video to online World. Even you can earn through your own Channel.


Now we are going to setup our own Channel at Youtube.


You must sign in with a G-mail ID at first.

Then write your browser: http://www.youtube.com

youtube channel step2 setup1

Then click Youtube channel 2 this sign at My Channel option.

youtube channel step2 setup2

At first you can find a message ‘Set up your channel On You Tube.

youtube channel step2 setup3

You can update your Channel profile as like your photo, Gender, Male, Birthday etc. Check this for updating your profile information.

Then click Continue for setup your own Channel.

youtube channel step2 setup4

You can set your Channel Icon. Just click on this photo.

Then you click Edit on Google+ option which added with Google plus feature.

youtube channel step2 setup5

Then you will get a chance to select a photo from your computer.

youtube channel step2 setup6

Here you will select a photo a which is suitable for your Channel.

youtube channel step2 setup7

After selecting the photo, then click Open button.

youtube channel step2 setup8

You can resize this photo if needed. Then click Set as profile photo option.

youtube channel step2 setup9

Here you write about your profile photo. Then click Share option.

As a result your profile photo added on Google plus.

youtube channel step2 setup11

Then click Add channel art button on your Youtube channel.

youtube channel step2 setup12

Here you can select photo for your channel from the Gallery or you can select the photo from your computer.

youtube channel step2 setup13

Now see the photo on your channel. What your feelings?

youtube channel step2 setup14

Then click Upload option at right side up corner for publishing your videos on your Youtube channel. 

youtube channel step2 setup15

Be remember, one thing is import don’t copy any video from other channel violating the terms and condition of Youtube. It’s a platform to publish your creativity. Don’t forget this.

Ok, already finished Earn Money from Youtube- How to Setup your Channel.

Nest lesson we will learn more option of your Youtube channel.


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