Earn Money from Youtube- How to subscribe with any Youtube channel-1

How to subscribe with any Youtube channel

Hello Freelancer! If you are new or want to learn How to subscribe with any Youtube channel, you can do this procedure reading this post. You can easily subscribe with any Youtube channel by any G-mail ID.

There are many media or platform for earning money. You can choose the media or platform what you want. Youtube also that type of online media. But how can possible this? Ok, don’t worry lets go.

What you need for subscribe or active your Youtube Channel:
1. One G-mail Account
2. Sign In on your G-mail Account
3. Browse youtube.com

At first write your browser for Sign In your G-mail Account: https://www.google.com

Then Click Sign In.

gmail sign in email id

Then write your G-mail ID: walisearch and  Click ‘Next’ for Continue.

gmail sign in pwd

Then write your password: ******* and click ‘Sign In’

In this Step write your browser:


Then click your control button Youtube channel 2

Youtube channel 3

Here Click ‘Browse channels’

Youtube channel 4

If you want to subscribe any Youtube channel just Click Subscribe this button.

Or write your selected channel on search option as like write e-Learningbd and press Enter.

Youtube channel 5

Now click your selected channel with Green logo.

Youtube channel 6

In this Step Click Subscribe ‘Subscribe’ on your favorite channel and enjoy with presentation, video tutorial and other doculmentation.

Next Step we will learn more Youtube Channel settings that will help you to earn you’re your Youtube Channel. Also we will learn how you will upload your video, tutorial etc.


You are owner of your Youtube Channel with videos and tutorial which will be protected by copy write policy. You don’t copy from other Youtube Channel.

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