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Learn the process: Supply Chain Management

Everything’s have a chain. Considering this supply chain management is the process of the flow of goods and services which controls the system. Today we are connecting with Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea, our one team of who is presenting here regarding this issue. Please read this article in details […]


Latest Upcoming Smartphone for 2015-2016 2

latest upcoming smartphones Today we are presenting here latest upcoming smartphones . Every moment smartphone revolution moves fast in the technology world. Tech users also are waiting for any type of new features. In this article we are introducing some exclusive smartphone which are latest upcoming smartphones. Latest upcoming smartphones […]


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The history of automobile cars

We are used different kind of Automobile Car in our daily life. Today our ( one of the team members Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea is presenting the history of Automobile Cars. We will learn this matter now. The history of Automobile Cars Automobile means one kind of vehicle having wheels […]


Some Important WordPress plugins which used most of developer 1

Some Important WordPress plugins Written By Sad Abdul Wali Every WordPress developer needs some useful plugins which will enrich his/her site. Be remember what is important for your WordPress website. You need to control spamming, SEO friendly, Web Performance Optimization (WPO), WordPress database optimization tools and other plugins. In this […]