The Prosperity of Mobile Apps in Bangladesh


The Prosperity of Mobile Apps in Bangladesh

ICT means Information and Communication Technology. Empowering the youth with this Technology we can utilize our Manpower. Here ICT skills are the main source of Employment. Recently we are going the depth of Information Technology. Today Team are connected with Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea who is presenting the Article of “ The Prosperity of Mobile Apps in Bangladesh ”.

We know Bangladesh is a developing country and we anticipate various developments in short time but it is not possible to make change Bangladesh over night. If we can take a step than it is possible to development in the country. We have so much young people to develop the country and they have dream and they can change the country in short time. This Era is an Information technology Age and we can radical change in the country. Some young people already are developing Mobile Apps and they can develop more Apps in Bangladesh. Now we want to know what the Mobile Apps is.


Mobile Apps

Apps are a computer program designed to run on Smartphone’s, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Mobile Apps are typically available through application distribution stage, which began appearing in 2008 and are normally operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry App World. Some apps are free, while others must be bought.


Smartphone’s have created a revolution that has never been experienced in the industry before. The market for smart phone applications has experienced more than double growth in the last few years and it is still growing at a very rapid pace. Some software company and developer is glad that it is the pioneering mobile applications developer in Bangladesh.



Many expert in developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. After years of developing mobile apps for the European and American clients, We know how to design and deliver the right mobile solutions for your business and bring in revenue. Already we used mobile Apps in our country like National Apps Bangladesh. National Leaders, Text Books, Bangladesh Government, Pusti Kotha, BSCIC, Stock Exchange, Muktijuddo, Village Court, Jubo Unnoyon, Agriculture Info, BD Currency, 72 Constitution, Driving License (BRTA, BRTC), Sanchita, Shorno Kishoree, Tex Calculator, Poribesh Odhidoptor, Shilpokola Academy, National Banks, Bangla Academy, E-directory, Health Service, City corporation, BKSP, Bangladesh Fire Station. Bangladesh Tourist, Dhaka Zoo, Farmer Loan, Family Planning, 24/7 Help Desk, National Icon, National Poem, Religion books, Song, Games, Cartons etc.


Services in Bangladesh

Android Applications: Informed that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division will make 500 mobile applications in Bangla for Android operating system. We know, Android is a popular operating system created by search giant Google. Three hundred of the apps will be for government ministries and institutions to provide information and services to the people. Mobile apps trainer and development of creative apps programme, 500 universities across Bangladesh will be trained for three months on developing mobile applications.


Windows Applications

Windows mobile is the latest addition to the mobile platform arena. A Windows mobile app has the advantage of full integration with Windows OS that is powering your PC. Local developers are highly skilled in using Microsoft’s development tools to create rich and powerful Windows mobile application.


Iphone Applications

Bangladeshi people develop the iPhone and iPad applications in Bangladesh with the latest technology and the most recent trends in UX design styles. Ensure that quickest turnaround time from concept to deployment at Apple Store.


Mobile apps are a new platform arena in Bangladesh. Today smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life. Some software company and developer is the pioneering mobile applications developer in Bangladesh. A lot of young people and unemployment available in the Bangladesh.Though it is one of the major responsibilities of the Government to provide Mobile Apps related job to those young generation. If the Government take initiate to meet the job among the large population then Bangladesh will be developing country in the short time.

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