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Manual and Automatic Gear Box

Have you any Hobby? Hello, today I am introducing Mr. Sad Abdul Wasea, he is developing some content for Team. Today he is presenting regarding Manual and Automatic Gear Box. We want to learn something. Ok, let’s go.


Manual and Automatic Gear Box. Which one easy to drive the vehicle?



Manual Gear

This can also be known as stick-shift, stick, straight drive or standard transmission – in the UK it’s the gear-boxes we are most used to, the ones that require a pressed down clutch pedal to change. These have about several settings including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and reverse gears plus neutral position in the middle.


Auto Gear

This means that the driver doesn’t have to do it manually. Look on most automatic cars and the ‘gear stick’ will have about four or five settings including parking, reverse, neutral and drive. Some models have manual overdrive but this is not often used. While some cars have continuously variable transmissions that allow them to move over a range rather than between set gear ratios.

 Drive carefully

One this is important, drive carefully.

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