How to increase your PCs Performance 1

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How to increase your PCs Performance

PC means Personal Computer. In this way included Desktop Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Netbook Computer etc. Every day we are using this type of device for our Smart Computing Job. But Some time we are feeling disturbances for several type of problem of our PC. How to increase your PCs Performance ?

Just think, when you buy a new PC, it works fine and fast, performance very well. When a lot of program installed, then it works slowly. It also creates some problems through spyware, adware and other Computer threads that are unwittingly downloaded along with other content while we are staying online.


  1. Clean and Remove Unneeded Files:

When we are connected to stay at online or use your Computer, many temporary files are generated. They are usually only needed once; however, they don’t disappear on their own. Instead, they accumulate over time until they are cluttering up your Computer’s file system and affecting its performance. In this situation, we can remove these files by using a tuneup tools.


  1. Clean and Remove Unneeded Programs:

When we installed many software or programs, we don’t use these program on a regular basis. By getting into the habit of uninstalling unused and unneeded programs, we can keep your computer’s file system a lot less cluttered. we can optimize your Computer in this way by using its Add/Remove programs from control panel or by using a tuneup tools.


  1. Clean and Empty the Recycle Bin

When we delete any file or folder, it goes your Recycle Bin. Sometime Recycle Bin is very full. In this position, we can empty the Recycle Bin by using a tuneup tools. Then Computer performance be fast.


  1. Clean your Computer’s Windows Registry:

Usually spyware, adware and other threats target the registry, damaging or misplacing our important files within it. When we will clean our PC, a daily Windows registry cleaning should be at the top of your list of priorities by using a tuneup tools.


  1. Performance Disk Defragmentation

Windows isn’t very efficient when it comes to storing files. It actually splits them up, depositing them into whatever spaces are available. The more spaced apart the pieces of a file are, the harder your computer has to work to make them run. The Windows disk de-fragmentation system tune-up utility works to piece all of those files back together again.

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