How to get foreign people to speak in English by (Video) 173

Today we are introducing Mr. Sharif Uzzaman who is developing our learning procedure and method with Video Tutorial. Specially appreciate and thanks for his contributing with team. Please enjoy this Tutorial.

How can we connect to

Today in this video tutorial I will show you how to get foreign people to speak in English by It’s really very important to speak continually to develop English speaking fluency and listening power. But in our family and office surrounding we do not get anybody to speak in English. We can get more benefit if we can stay in touch with foreign people. But how can we get foreign people to speak? This problem is solved by Thousands of foreign people are waiting there to speak and practice English language. Additionally we need Skype with internet connection.


Why need to connect with

If you want to develop your English speaking fluency and listening power it’s very important to stay in touch with foreigners. has given that platform where so many people are waiting to speak in English. Now the question is why these people are staying in


Let’s start now in practical

Most of the people are staying there to speak in English and develop their speaking and listening fluency. Some people staying there only for speaking and sharing their feelings of mind and make friendship around the world.


Now I will show you practically how we can connect with these people. It’s very simple and easy.

  1. At first we have to sign in our personal Skype account.
  2. Now open your internet browser and write www.speaking24.comin URL address.  In this page, you have to give some information about yourself.
  1. Put your nick name, Select your Age, Select your Level, put your Skype ID, Select your goal, select your sex and at last select your country. After some time later you will see your name in the list.
  1. In this list you will get so many people around the world. This person is from India. This person is from Pakistan. This person is from UK.
  1. If you choose this person to speak just click Skype icon which you will get right side of your screen.

Video tutorial (Just enjoy):

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